By shaping your mind, and breaking free of the diet mentality, you will transform your relationship with food, your body, and yourself.

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Become an expert at decoding your body’s hunger language!

Learning to shape your mind by reframing negative thoughts into positive ones is a key component for successfully breaking free from both the diet mentality and the endless deprivation and overeating cycle that diets promote.

Using the Slimworks® Mindful Eating Approach you will become acutely aware and finely attuned to your thoughts, feelings and body sensations.  Having this awareness you will develop an instinctual ability to decode your body’s hunger and satiety language.  As a result, you will learn to feed your body intuitively as you learn to distinguish between physical and emotional hunger and stop when “comfortably satisfied.”

While learning to listen to your body’s signals is an essential principle of mindful eating, equally important is adopting a nonjudgmental, self -compassionate, and patient attitude.  By treating yourself with the same kindness and compassion you would a loved one, you will be more accepting of yourself and your body as you continue on the path of mindful eating, ultimately leading to a healthy, sustainable weight loss.

Remember this is a process, not the quick fix that diets promise.  But unlike diets, you will internalize real skills that will last a lifetime! Consequently, you will be able to trust your body and mind to work together to naturally shed excess weight and allow yourself to be free to live your life fully.

Take the first step today toward a healthier you!

It’s a different approach to weight loss that focuses on the mind and body.

-Allyson D.